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Well, I did not see the real (bad) reviews prior to buying Celine sunglasses. I bought them for $260.

Received them in the mail and they are FAKE. I have been trying to return them and I am getting the runaround. Allllllll I want is to send these fake junky $$$ replica glasses back and get back my well earned money. Instead I am getting emails from them stating their items are genuine.

If they were genuine...I'd be happy but I know what sunglasses I have in my hand and they are fake, fake, faaaaaake! Reviews are all the same. I feel bad for the few that think their glasses are real...instead they are getting ripped off. This is not an authorized dealer -that is for sure Has anyone escalated the case with paypal.

Paypal should not be a payment option for this company...

Please anyone that has had this happen- please fill me in! I am really going through it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Celine Aviators Sunglasses.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Damaged and fake Dior sunglasses - I purchased a pair of Dior studded sunglasses of which arrived today and the first thing I noticed was the frames were scratched. Upon looking closely at the sunglasses and Dior case I started questioning the authenticity.

I took them into the Dior boutique and compared them with the same style, of which there are significant differences especially the writing inside the arm.

The Sales Associate also confirmed they were not a genuine Dior article. Buyer beware of Otticanet.

to Mia1 #1379970

Mia1 we have been trying to give proof that these glasses are authentic with no success. I remind you that all Diors come with a code on the temples with which any official store will know the exact story of the glasses.

The code is the glasses' identity. The pair you saw at the boutique is an asian fit, this is why the writing is different.

Unfortunately and alhtough the official Dior producer also sent you a letter prooving that we are authorized dealers and that the glasses you received are genuine.

I am very, very sorry that this specific pair was scratched, we would have made up for this but it seems that anything we try to propose is refused by you. If you ever change your mind we are here and are willing to send you a non-scratched pair



I'm having this problem right now. Going to escalate the problem to PayPal. Have you been able to get your money back?

Rome, Lazio, Italy #1253970

Dear customer,

as already replied in our mails to you we DO NOT sell fake sunglasses which by the way is punished prison here in Italy. We have been online for more than 13 years now, if we were selling fakes that would not be possible.

Paypal also knows that we do not sell fakes and we are in their safe-list.

Celine has changed its manufacturer during the years so maybe you have a pair that is from the pre-Safilo (actual manufacturer) period?

Obviously the lens type differs from style to style.


Team Otticanet

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